Why H&L

Quality control is a key success factor for companies dealing with suppliers.

Our highly qualified team and technicians provide the best possible advice when a problem is encountered and we can provide guidance on the most cost-effective quality assurance procedures. Our team understands both the technical standards operating in international markets and the requirements of the marketplace.

1. H&L on-site quality inspections and factory audit services throughout China help businesses to reduce risks associated with poor quality, loading, storage, transportation and non-compliance with regulatory requirements, ensure that contractual obligations are met: specifications, packaging, marking and delivery.

2. H&L hire the inspectors who are responsible, careful, honest and professional to lower your risk of receiving defective goods.

3. Consistent customer-centeredness and flexible operations will win more time and space for you.

4. Reduce your business trip expenses and other miscellaneous expenses resulting from goods inspections carried out by yourself.